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ID Title University Amount Principal Investigator Dates
2005804 CAREER: Advances in Graph Learning and Inference New York University $364,678 Chinmay Hegde
eff. 11/01/2019
exp. 01/31/2023
2005779 CDS&E: Collaborative Research: Scalable Nonparametric Learning for Massive Data with Statistical Guarantees New Jersey Institute of Technology $127,561 Zuofeng Shang
eff. 08/01/2019
exp. 07/31/2021
2005746 Collaborative Research: Nonparametric Bayesian Aggregation for Massive Data New Jersey Institute of Technology $30,604 Zuofeng Shang
eff. 08/01/2019
exp. 08/31/2020
2005272 Topics of Immersed Finite Element Methods Oklahoma State University $49,809 Xu Zhang
eff. 08/15/2019
exp. 08/31/2020
2003749 FET: Small: AlignMEM: Fast and Efficient DNA Sequence Alignment in Non-Volatile Magnetic RAM Arizona State University $491,298 Deliang Fan
eff. 08/01/2019
exp. 09/30/2022
2003423 EAGER: Discovering how geologic and fossil methane sources support a contemporary river ecosystem University of Montana $169,446 Brad Taylor
eff. 07/31/2019
exp. 05/31/2020
2003110 Nonlocal and Stochastic Effects in Reaction-Diffusion and Kinetic Equations. University of Arizona $111,085 Christopher Henderson
eff. 09/01/2019
exp. 06/30/2022
2003052 Collaborative Research: SG: Exploring the effects of UV light on floral pigmentation Clemson University $7,109 Matthew Koski
eff. 08/15/2019
exp. 03/31/2020
2003019 III: Medium: Collaborative Research: Multi-level computational approaches to protein function prediction Wichita State University $150,016 Dukka KC
eff. 09/25/2019
exp. 07/31/2023
2002824 Workshop to Develop a Framework for Community-Engaged Environmental Engineering Research University of Maryland College Park $45,791 Debbie Niemeier
eff. 11/01/2019
exp. 10/31/2020
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